Accurate Representation
For The People

I invite all of you to participate in defining the most important issues facing our community and to propose actions and ideas to resolve them. This is a fluid process, which includes all of us, united, working together. As your elected representative, it will be my responsibility to be your voice and to reflect your will, the will of the people. In this way, together, we will embrace the challenges affecting our community. The following are platform issues which, as a member of our community, I feel are important to address. This will serve as a starting point for all of us to begin a collaborative discussion, in hopes of stimulating innovative solutions from members of our communities. For too long the office of our Congressional District One has been occupied by party first politicians, and it is long overdue for the people to be heard and regain control of that office.

Fight for Working Families

My wife and I, work two jobs each to support our family. We are the middle class, and as a working class family, I understand the hardships facing our communities. I understand the tax burden, as well as the struggle of choosing to pay a bill or buy groceries for the week. I am a committed advocate for hard working families here on Long Island. I plan to promote future policies that benefit everyone, not just the people at the top and corporate America. As your representative, I will fight to ease the tax burden on the 99%. I believe we must protect our ever-shrinking middle class, for we are the roots of this nation and we must create jobs that allow us to live and work, not work to merely survive.

Protect Our Environment

Like many of us, when we were growing up, I spent countless days enjoying the natural wonders of our district, exploring The Pine Barrens, the wetlands, the bays, and our beaches from Fire Island to Ditch Plains to The Sound.

This is our home and we must ensure that these wonders will be here for future generations to enjoy and experience. Therefore, I support the development of greener technology and bold environmentally friendly policy that addresses the problems of today and not only anticipates future challenges but embraces them as opportunities for innovation. Green industry and infrastructure creates jobs, mitigates greenhouse gas emissions, and lowers our fossil fuel dependency. As your representative for our District One, I will work to substantially lower nitrogen levels in our waters, and to clean our marine ecosystems by advocating for federal funding to support our municipalities in their pursuit of Innovative Alternative Wastewater Treatment Systems and in rebuilding Long Island’s once world renowned fishing industry.

Practical and Implementable Immigration

Our district has many undocumented residents, who are living in fear, and in the shadows. Most have come here to provide a better life for themselves and their families, as many of our nation’s forefathers did. Our current system isn’t working and it must be addressed. This all starts with documentation, a tax ID number, to get everyone into the system.

This can lead to future evaluation for possibly earning citizenship or permanent residency. We can keep the American dream alive, protect our economy, preserve the safety of our communities, and give these people a chance to document that they are productive additions to our communities. I also support DACA, and will work to make sure that the children affected by it will have the opportunity to stay and help our nation move forward.

End the Policy of Endless Warfare and Care for Our Veterans

War is not the answer. War is our admission of failure to answer the question of conflict, with negotiated peace. And perpetual warfare is the ultimate failure of democracy, and must end. No one's child should be sent to die in a battlefield. When the matter is of making the 'ultimate sacrifice', the most ultimate care and caution becomes the matter. Warfare is our nation’s largest expenditure, yet politicians point to relatively low cost social programs which actually serve to help people, as ‘fat’ that needs to be trimmed. We have the ability to maintain a high degree of defense, and still be able to trim military spending. We need to shift our focus from perpetual war and invest in helping our veterans at home with immediate care and support. I believe the best way to show our support to our service men and women, is to exercise extreme caution before sending them into harm's way. I believe in diplomacy and humanity; let that be our first and strongest weapon of defense. Through non-violent economic sanctions and improved diplomatic relations, we can work for peace, not as a global police force, but as a nation composed of compassion and humanitarianism. I believe we must once again, show the world that we are a nation, which leads by example. A nation that prides itself in its ability to effectively implement peaceful diplomacy and maintains global presence.

End the Opioid Epidemic

The impact of lobbying has shielded the Pharmaceutical industry from responsibility and has therefore contributed to the opioid epidemic sweeping across our country. Now, our community is in crisis. Our friends, families, and neighbors are being directly affected by opioid addiction and abuse. As your elected representative, I will fight to hold manufactures and distributors accountable. 'Big Pharmaceutical' must answer to the people and the law. We can not allow their influence to sway our representatives, which continues to result in putting our citizens in danger. I will continue working with our law and court system officials, as well as recovery specialists to address where we are failing in this battle. We will increase oversight and work for tougher penalties for corrupt or negligent distributors and manufacturers, and move to treat those addicted, as victims not criminals. We also need to increase educational outreach and prevention awareness for all ages. It is never too soon.

Economy - Small Business & Labor

In our district, small business is one of the largest job providers. Our villages and towns are filled with mom-and-pop stores, which lend character to these areas and a sense of community. I will work to ensure that we stop punishing small businesses for growth. We need to let these businesses have the opportunity to prosper. I will fight for a living wage for our nation's working people and I will work to make sure corporate welfare ends. It is not the responsibility of the American taxpayer to subsidize corporations which reap huge profits and yet which refuse to compensate their employees with a living wage and the benefits they deserve.

Make Health Care Truly Affordable

Health Care is a human right and must be available to all Americans. It is not an exclusive privilege reserved for the rich. Health Care needs to be affordable and available for everyone in our nation. Like many Americans, my family struggles to pay for Health Care. Often, there are few or no doctor's offices accepting our insurance plans, very high deductibles, and insurance premium costs which are rising. The Affordable Care Act was a giant step in the right direction, and its flaws must be amended, but not repealed and replaced. It must become a living document.

Education Reform

Our current educational system has been in place for a century with little change to its structured learning. Policy is made in offices in Washington D.C. That needs to be stopped, and to revert power back into the hands of those teaching in the classroom. We need to teach to our children's passions and talents, and not just to teach to tests. We need to focus on the positive impact of vocational training, the arts, physical wellness, as well as a strong well rounded core education. We need to prepare our students for the real world, and to be ready to enter the workforce of their future. We need to individualize education instead of broadly making national policy.


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